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Monthly Donors provide predictable and sustainable funding for your organization.

Monthly Donors are vital to a non-profit organization's financial health.

Not to be confused with monthly giving clubs where donors are reminded each month to mail in their donation. Monthly donors are donors who agree to set up an automatic monthly payment from their credit cards, direct debit or chequing accounts.

A Monthly Donor program will build a base of loyal donors who form strong and lasting relationships with your organization.

An average stay of five years or more on a monthly giving programme is not uncommon.  A donor giving even $10 per month will often contribute $600 or more to the organization without costly re-solicitation.

When handled properly, monthly donors will continue to donate for years to come, and many will increase the size of their gift when asked.

Monthly Donors agree to an automatic monthly withdrawl from their credit card or bank account every month.

"Public Outreach canvassers exhibit true passion about the cause they support and the work that they do."

- Plan Canada