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Donor Stewardship

Recruiting a donor is just first step in building a long term relationship between donors and your organization.

As experts in monthly giving, Public Outreach offers cutting edge Donor Stewardship Services to help strengthen the relationship between your organization and the donors who believe in it.  Communication planning, database analysis, vendor management, and multi-year strategic planning are just a few of the services our Stewardship and Communications team offer our clients.  We are passionate in our commitment to helping organizations build sustainable monthly giving programs with donors who will stay on long after that first conversation.

Public Outreach offers the following Stewardship Services:

Database Analysis

Before proposing a solution, every charity should first understand what the data is saying.  We examine patterns in your monthly donor attrition rates, compare the active and lapsed segments and analyse donor profiles using age, gift size, payment methods and other demographic characteristics. 

Donor Communication Planning

Public Outreach will develop an ideal communication plan to ensure maximum retention of your monthly donors.  From welcome brochures, to emails, to phone calls, we can deliver all of the elements of a donor stewardship program.

Reactivation Calling

Public Outreach offers your charity free reactivation services for any monthly donor recruited by Public Outreach which has lapsed or failed to make a first gift (Failed First Pledges) with 12 months of sign-up.  This reactivation is conducted by phone and a maximum of five attempts to contact the donor will be made.

Upgrade and  One Time Gift Conversion Calling

One of the best ways to retain monthly donors is to call them to offer them the chance to increase their monthly donation.  This is generates additional revenue and strengthens the relationship between charity and donor. One-time gift donors may be monthly donors who needed some time to decide.  Public Outreach offers monthly donor conversion calling for donors that have contributed one-time gifts.

Monthly Gift Caging

Public Outreach can process monthly gifts for your charity and deposit the funds directly into your  bank account.  Caging frees your charity from the tedious routine of the monthly debit, freeing up your time to focus on fundraising. 

"Public Outreach canvassers exhibit true passion about the cause they support and the work that they do."

- Plan Canada